Faith Communities Believe Toronto Can Do Better


It’s hard to live in Toronto.

  • 1 in 4 of our children live in poverty. 
  • 52% of us don’t have stable, secure jobs. 
  • 100,000 households are waiting for subsidized housing and many more are looking for homes they can afford. 
  • TTC fares continue to skyrocket as Toronto remains one of the most underfunded transit systems in North America.
  • Our city is rated the most unequal in Canada


Faith in the City believes Toronto Can Do Better. We are calling on our community members to support the Toronto Can Do Better Campaign. Together we must urge Toronto City Council and the Mayor to support investments that make our city more livable for our most vulnerable residents.

We need to do a better job providing services we can all depend on and investing in transit, affordable housing, and good jobs that makes life better for everyone who calls Toronto home:

  • More reliable and accessible transit
  • Good jobs with fair wages, and
  • Quality affordable housing

For more information, please visit: Toronto Can Do Better


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